The Serenade Duplex defines modern luxury living in Hong Kong, offering the versatility of an upscale urban lifestyle in a 176 sq. m nutshell. All living functions are well contained and defined yet without boundaries. The integration of space is the key feature of the interior architecture.

On entering the Duplex, the stylish open kitchen, equipped with state of the art appliances, provides a stunning first impression. It immediately unlocks the panoramic view of the harbour before the apartment. The open kitchen doubles up as a bar that serves both living and dining areas. An entertainment room at the opposite end of the lower floor becomes a guest en-suite, as needed, by closing the built-in concealed door in the corridor's wooden wall panels.

The living quarter spans the upper floor and is full of natural light that falls over the marble staircase. The master bedroom and bathroom have generous dimensions to cater for a modern living style. A breakfast/vanity area is created inside the master bedroom to allow for more space.

Natural light pervades every corner of the Duplex and reacts to the color palette to create a warm interior. All surfaces have been carefully tailored with sophisticated modern detailing. Major architectural finishes are in a mixture of Omani Beige marble, light and dark tone figured Silk Tay wood, stitched white beige leather panels, charcoal color steel trimmings and accents, grey mirrors, and bronze color metallic curtains.

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