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06 Sep 2012

First building to be classified as carbon neutral in the City of London

800,140 ft² Nomura's new headquarters have been recognised for their role in extending and transforming the character of the river embankment by adding over 30% more public space on the site including: a new accessible bridge link over Upper Thames Street; an enhanced Riverside Walk; and the largest riverside square in the City of London. The glazed riverside buildings have a massive five-storey timber shading structure redolent of historic wharf structures, and responsive timber louvres, which protect the lower pavilion.

The small environmental footprint was achieved through design decisions including the retention of over 30% of the original structure on the site, and reusing of the existing imperial foundations to support the new metric column grid above. These environmental savings reduced construction costs, the time on site and carbon footprint.

The building facing the river is the first to be classified as carbon neutral in the City of London. The team worked to improve and promote sustainability by considering energy, materials, waste, biodiversity, water use and the community during design, demolition and construction. The 20,000 square feet roof terrace that overlooks the Thames is also the largest in the City of London. Green sedum roof areas, hosting photovoltaic cells, were installed on the main roof at Level 11 and landscaped grassed terraces were provided on Levels 5 and 6. One Angel Lane uses half the energy consumption of an equivalent benchmark building and was a natural match for Nomura's sustainable aspirations.

As part of their green awareness campaign, Nomura has put in a place a number of key initiatives that expand upon the sustainable aspects of their new home. These include waste recycling systems that have more than doubled the amount of waste recycled each month, establishing cycle to work schemes, carbon working groups, and environmental representatives.

Awards received include: New City Architecture Award from The Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects 2009 (awarded in 2010)/ LDSA (London District Surveyors Association) Building Excellence Award 2010 for the Best Sustainability Project./ Local Authority Building Control National Building Excellence Awards - Best Sustainable Project/The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design 2012 Green GOOD

The project completed in September 2009.


The benefits to the staff and local community become clearest in the way Nomura have chosen to occupy the roof terraces. A kitchen garden has been created by volunteers from Nomura's switchboard, which is now harvesting vegetables, fruits, and herbs to be used in the dining area. Updates on the garden's progress are available to all via the Green Nomura Intranet site, which includes a blog on the food harvested and a webcast from the client kitchen.

Green Nomura has partnered with The Golden Bee Company, by installing two bee hives on the roof of the 11th Floor. Dave Crowley, Nomura' Environmental manager describes the enthusiasm for the project: "more than 100 staff have visited the hives already - they love it. Every Friday the Golden Company bee guardians [the social enterprise which manages the hives] come in and talk to the staff. Staff wear bee suits and watch how they work. They explain how they thrive, the life cycle of the bee and the problems that bees are having globally. We have a long list of staff who want to go up there."


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