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06 Sep 2012

Samara live is the successful combination between working life, efficiency, technology, environment and way of life

Based on the concept of mixed-use service building, SAMARA was conceived as a building to harbour corporate offices, a shopping mall and a 5 stars hotel. The architectural challenge was to have a volume that could unify all the different uses in a harmoniously shape achieving a master set that integrates and interacts with the complex context of big scale buildings in the area of Santa Fe (Mexico City), The answer was a monolithic and iconic building in front of a big public park.

The glass skin wraps a straight well shaped volume, visually lightened through some vertical slots distributed throughout the building that serve as offices terraces with view to Santa Fe´s downtown. The volume extends a perpendicular arm to the main body, the hotel, playing with the silhouette of the building and winning with both the image of a big stage for the city. The articulation space between the bodies is obtained from an extraordinary connector bridge generating a large high garden that gives the impression of lightness and great elegance.

The perpendicular body allows the hotel to achieve the correct orientation and panoramic city views at the same time. The commercial and access levels are key for the whole operation and experience in the building, it invites you to enter in SAMARA SHOPS, with two semi underground levels that serves as a meeting point and networking between public spaces and the lobbies of the master set. A more than 7000m ² roof garden provides the city with a large public green space that includes restaurant and coffee shop services, this space links the mall with the corporate office lobbies, motor lobbies, and hotel arriving experience. SAMARA is designed to house more than 10000 users daily, this requires large areas of services and over 4000 parking lot places to meet the demands and generate order inside the building. The flowing access to the different areas is achieved by convenient pedestrian access, independent and separate drive ways for offices, hotel and the shopping centre. Samar's goal is to provide a multipurpose building that satisfies all the user's needs in its unique spaces through the working day.


Samara was designed considering the urban context; Located in Santa Fe, a corporate district belonging Mexico City, wherein the movement from one place to another becomes a difficult task, Samara wanted to make a difference, so it was focused on expanding its programme to be a multipurpose building. Getting hold an array of services, common areas, entertainment areas, accommodation, etc And to give this service not only to corporate users in Samara, but to all those users who live day to day in Santa Fe.

The user of this building will have the complete satisfaction of their needs throughout the day, from 6 am spending time in sports activities and during the day in work areas, food places and evening entertainment areas such as cinema, bars and restaurants. This allows taking advantage of the full day and avoiding wasting time on transferring from one place to another with the complicated peak times of the city and so completing a full and healthy life. Another of the main intentions of Samara, was the creation and integration of a number of green spaces that liberates the user from urban stress. In offices is located the level 7 terrace, in the main heart of the building, where the user has beautiful panoramic views to Mexico city. On the access level, a urban park it's created on the roof of the mall, where people used to get fresh air, eat lunch, or rest for a moment. This place encourages social interaction between different corporate users of Santa Fe, and suppresses the bustle of the city.



Samara's success is made possible by the attachment of all the technologies that are included in the building. Due to the large scale of the project, the services, equipment and facilities demanded the best technology for the optimum performance of the building. Among the services offered to the Samara's user, we can mention the automation of air conditioner, also the regeneration of ice water on the same equipment; The air conditioner is also optimized thanks to the Samara ´s units facade douvent, formed by two glass plates that make up a hermetic air space. Using these units reduces considerably the heat in the summer and prevents the loss of it during the winter. Samara also takes technology to integrate plant sewage treatment systems, rainwater collection, automated irrigation systems, intelligent systems, data, security, voice and data.


Since the beginning it was thought at the economic impact that could have Samara on the real estate development, based on the external positive influence that a building of this size can generate in their immediate environment; but the currently real impact of Samara exceeds by many these expectations. Immersed in one of the most important economic zones in Mexico City, Samara building stands as a successful in every way. Each user of Samara, has the potential to have a plurality of benefits living the building.

Consider a typical day of an ordinary user, who gets up and goes to the building, to one single point, to which can reach from 6.00 AM, park in a designated location for his office, from there he can scroll to a point within the square to exercise, eat breakfast right there, and works a few floors up, down and lives and finally end user´s day making purchases or secondary basic needs that will require. That is, he didn't have to move aside to perform the activity, eliminating costs and incidentals that each and every one of these activities could generate.

On the other hand and in a more general level, Samara serves Santa Fe or the Federal District itself generating multiple sources of employment, temporary and permanent, as well as generating a plurality of enterprise-level business transactions or even simple acts as simple as trading the purchase and sale of products that are offered in the mall, helping the national industry or better yet the growth of GDP. Finally, we can enumerate many diverse ways that Mexicans and Mexico City government are helped by Samara, through fees, contributions, etc.., However, a very tangible way of being able to measure, is by paying the property tax that involves having a building of this magnitude


Since its conception Samara was intended as a development which has contributed to the improvement of the environment; each and every one of the windows that are part of the facade of corporate and hotel, are made with low-e glass duovent, which advantageously have the following prevent cold filtration when the outside temperature is very low and preventing the passage of heat when the outside temperature is high in addition to reducing the entry of sunlight.

Another feature of the facade is acquiring the function of sound insulation as being immersed in the heart of Santa Fe, Mexico City would suffer from noise pollution as any building in this area, but to have the facade system here described, this is minimized or even eliminated. Likewise Samara has a wastewater treatment plant that serves, inter alia, to the air cooling system equipment. The system of rainwater harvesting, serves to irrigate green areas or even for use in different health areas of development. The gardens and vegetation of samara were chosen to buffer the pollutants in the area of Santa Fe and also yield a small lung to the city. The combination between technology and nature that exists in the set, are the perfect mix for a balanced building arguably helps to improve the quality of life of all who lives them.


Being a mixed-use building, invites users to create a very specific way of life, even, one might say that people not only use it, lives it. Living Samara is to contribute to the environment, your pocket and help create an environment that promotes healthy and harmonious coexistence of people. Displacement and connectivity, is a subject that takes on special importance in the federal district today, on average, a car in Mexico City develops a speed of 22km / h. Samara has the advantage that in one place we find a number of goods and services, helping to improve efficiency in generating times among other benefits. Now, speaking specifically of corporate account samara among many others, with a comparative advantage over its peers and that having plants containing surfaces over 6000m2 reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and productive labour, and you can even see a marked decrease in carbon emissions generated by the group. Finally the plants have these dimensions fosters teamwork doing multidisciplinary work of workers and promoting the work of not alienating them.

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