BOM SUCESSO Resort: open for business

05 Sep 2012

BOM SUCESSO open their huge architecture, leisure & golf resort for business

The new Architecture Resort, Leisure & Golf, is a tourism development project situated in the western coastal region of Portugal (Silver Coast), on a large area of land on the banks of the Óbidos Lagoon. The project is fronted by BOM SUCESSO, a property holding company who act exclusively in the real-estate and tourism market.

'Art and nature: creative fusion' is the key concept behind the Architecture Resort. The project is tailored for the consumers who appreciates contemporary architectural style, highly rated in the real-estate market and located in the a country which is sunny all year-round. The project primarily consists of Lagoa Golfe Tourism Village, comprising 601 housing units, with 325 individual plots for detached villas and 276 townhouses, a 120-room hotel and diverse and comprehensive leisure facilities and services, including an 18-hole golf course.

The commercial launch of the Architecture Resort started at the end of 2004, located in the western region of Portugal with its rich historical and cultural heritage. The characteristics of the region - accessibility, facilities, preserved landscape, historical heritage and cultural programme - were decisive for the development of BOM SUCESSO.

23 world-renowned architects were involved in the BOM SUCESSO project including, Álvaro Siza Vieira, Alcino Soutinho, Eduardo Souto Moura, Inês Lobo, João Luís Carrilho da Graça, Gonçalo Byrne, Manuel Aires Mateus, Manuel Graça Dias, Rogério Cavaco, among others. The group of Portuguese architects were also joined by David Chipperfield and Josep Llinás.

This union of architectural talent led to a diverse collection of ideas and interpretations, bought together by a series of unifying rules that ensured consistent identity for the development. It was agreed upon that all the housing would be designed to fit harmoniously as part of its natural surroundings, that almost all the buildings would only have one storey, and that all the houses would have green roofs and with barriers between plots in the form of hedges to guarantee privacy.

An 18-hole Championship golf course, Golfe do Bom Sucesso, stretches along the length of the over 150 hectares of the Resort. The proximity of the sea and Óbidos lagoon affords each village or the housing lots fantastic views which benefit from the extension and the natural beauty of the surroundings, a location of unrivalled quality for a home or as a tourist destination.

In addition to the architectural quality, the land-use rate of less than 7% prevents visual saturation and at the same time ensures notable seclusion for such a large resort. BOM SUCESSO has completed the construction of all infrastructures and exterior landscaping and more than three hundred housing units have already been completed and handed over to their owners, for private use and/or for holiday rental.

Samantha Morley

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