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03 Sep 2012

Each week we will select one entry from our Student Competition. This week, it's Connor Page from Nottingham Trent University

WAN recently announced it's first ever student competition: Better cities, better lives. We challenged students to select a city of their choice and address a particular urban challenge and provide an effective solution. This week's top submission comes from Connor Page from Nottingham Trent University in England who explains:

“I have decided to look at the problems of urbanisation facing less economically developed countries. Overall, in light of the 2016 Olympics, the world cup and current economic increase, I have decided to look into and create solutions, to the ever growing urbanisation problems brought on by in-migration, to the slums of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“With global attention rising, I feel that giving the people of the favela’s of Rio de Janeiro, a better quality of life and standard of living, in a very eco-friendly way that is sensitive to context and national identity, will be a nice way of showing possibility to some of the world’s urbanisation problems.”

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