This apartment reflects the personality of its owners: modernity, consciousness on environment, love for design and contemporary art. For this two-floor apartment we designed a basic concept, where natural and artificial lighting has and important role. Due to a double height at the staircase and a panoramic glass facade, daylight illuminates the whole interior, saving energy during the day, while at night the lightning design creates a pleasant atmosphere. The master bedroom, the kid’s bedroom and a studio are at the second floor. Steel, epoxy floor and visible structures balance with warm colors and wood in this space, where distribution offers a sense of wideness and a creative design, fundamentally considering the furniture chosen, some of it made from recycled wood, and the integration to the space of selected art works. It is important to mention the bookcase at the living room because it is very functionally and its pure lines match with the environment. Located at the west area of Mexico City, where the lack of green areas is noticeable, we try to compensate this with a green balcony, an interior green wall and with the use of plants, both as ornaments as well as oxygen providers.

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