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Friday 31 Aug 2012

Dynamic modern transport architecture for Dubai

The new Dubai MRT Red and Green Lines, totalling 75km, connecting the North and South of the Dubai Metropolis along the costal corridors and extend inland along the both sides of Dubai Creek to the Airport and adjacent residential regions. Close to the CBD the MRTs are underground whilst the lines become elevated along road medians, with the two underground lines interchanging twice, along their intertwining alignments.

The design brief required the underground sections to be dynamic architecturally with incorporation of contextual interpretations, based upon the adopted themes; Water, Air, Land and Fire. The elevated stations were to be strong forms and complement the modern Dubai. An architectural language projecting a strong identity and establish the MRT stations as a unique and recognisable component as part of the Dubai landscape.

The dual alignment single bored tunneling construction governed the approach of the base design to side platforms, with multiple circulation links between the single sided loaded platforms. The synthesis of the interior themes and the dynamic vertical circulation spaces generated stations with luxurious use of light, colour, materials and form in response to the clients brief.

The Elevated Stations used their curved shell form, generated from spatial analysis of enclosed functions, as a signature profile for the Dubai MRT. The forms of the main station roof, expresses the spirited activity of their transport interchange function. Three base variations of the one architectural form respond to the site demands. The road median alignment of the majority elevated sections between the city’s buildings, compliment the urban fabric of this exciting city.

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