The project is named Park Residence and it is the most advanced residence of all the projects developed in Tianjin by Tianjin Vanke Real Estate Co.,td. The house is duplex with much void space, which allows more space and functions of the house. Moreover, the developer left out the position of stair in the original room layout and this gives the designer more room for imagination and more flexibility in design. After the overall planning, the designer decided to place the stair in the center of the house, which is at a point on the flow line of people with the shortest distance to all space. In this way the stair can be in the direct vision of the main entrance at 1st floor and the stair itself is also a sculpture for decoration. Crystal pendant light is applied in the void space which allows the vision extends directly to the 2nd floor. The overall design is pure and elegant with large area application of a single material which makes the color configuration of overall space more pure. In order to match the overall design, all the finishes, furniture and equipments are dominated by light colors.

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