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Wednesday 29 Aug 2012

The Ryerson Image Centre by Diamond Schmitt Architects wins the Light and Design Award for Best Use of Colour

The recently completed Ryerson Image Centre has won the 2012 AL Light & Architecture Design Award for Best Use of Colour. The building was designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects, and has transformed an almost windowless former brewery warehouse – home to Ryerson University’s School of Visual Arts – into a structure that illuminates the campus and announces a new cultural destination in Toronto.

The renovated and expanded building’s exterior has a double-skin glass cladding that conceals its LED lighting system. At night, illuminated glass panels across three facades glow separately or in unison with a possible 16.7 million different colour combinations. By day, this opaque glass surface on the upper floors provides a seamless white backdrop to bustling campus life and contrasts the Centre’s transparent glazing at ground level.

Elizabeth Donoff, Editor of Architectural Lighting magazine which sponsors the annual award, said this year’s winners represent every sort of lighting challenge a designer could face. “The work shows moments of articulated restraint as well as moments of exuberant celebration,” she commented, confirming the importance of lighting when enhancing the built environment.

Active programming of the Ryerson Image Centre light installation will be commissioned to artists and students, and even the public, who can create lighting sequences of their own using a Ryerson-designed app to interact and exert their creative control. This can be previewed by visiting Ryerson Image Centre LED exterior.MOV on YouTube.

Donald Schmitt, the Principal with Diamond Schmitt Architects, said the lighting installation is a key feature of the building’s design and serves as an outward expression of the activity within the Centre. “The building’s envelope encourages experimentation and creation, which are fundamental to the pursuit of mastering the visual arts.”

The Ryerson Image Centre will open to the public on September 29, 2012, and features state-of-the-art gallery, research and archive space dedicated to the photographic arts. It will also house the renowned Black Star Collection of close to 300,000 images of 20th-century photojournalism.

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