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Wednesday 01 Aug 2012

Schemata Architects complete Hanare House, located atop a hill in Chiba, Japan

The Hanare house in Chiba, Japan, which began construction in 2011, has recently been completed by Japanese architectural office Schemata. With a constructed area of 933.9 sq m, and made largely of steel and wood, the residential project is designed to be a minimalist structure, inspired by the mountainous regions which it is situated in.

Schemata wanted to retain the flexible simplicity of the project to enable them to make appropriate alterations to it in the future if necessary. The structure is built around a central rock formation which extends upwards, and is elevated off the ground, perched upon a metal support system of pilotis supporting columns, to accommodate this natural obstruction. Because of its positioning, the Hanare house retains a regal appearance with its stance atop the hill.

Hanare is built using man-made energy, incorporating ecologically sustainable strategies to maintain and function. There is an elongated roof for shading the interior area from the heat, using low-E glass windows to control the heat transfer in the house, and a wooden sash is used for insulation. A trombe wall faces the sun and works to absorb natural energy to power the home. The lighting, plumbing, furniture, and partitions are all attached to the hybrid steel-timber frame.

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