The $189 million Ghost City

Friday 27 Jul 2012

Pegasus Global Holdings to create test city

Scheduled to open in 2014, the Center for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation (CITE) is proposed to be the largest scale testing and evaluation center in the world, created by Pegasus Global Holdings Ltd. It will be built on roughly 15 square miles in New Mexico, and be large enough to support 35,000 people, though the city will be uninhabited.

The realistic city will be modelled on a medium-sized American city, complete with standard roads and highways, houses and commercial buildings, old and new, as well as power, water, telecommunications and operating systems. It will act as a life-size laboratory for companies, universities and government agencies to test smart power grids, cyber security and intelligent traffic and surveillance systems.

The facility will be designed to allow new technologies to integrate into the nation's urban, suburban and rural "legacy infrastructure," and provide detailed measurable results on their impact to the economy and its many sectors, e.g., energy, transportation, telecommunications, security, and agriculture. Robert H. Brumley, the managing director and co-founder of Pegasus has said, "We think that sensor development has gotten to the point now where you can replicate human behaviour."

Extensive security will surely be required to ensure none of those ghost citizens are ever replaced by the real thing. Testing of new technology needs to be on a realistic scale and include the chaotic contexts of old and new infrastructure in such situations as those around today.

The development, construction, and operating costs of CITE will be funded by the private sector. CITE is predicted to create 350 new direct jobs and is expected to create more than 3,500 new indirect jobs through construction, support, and contractors. Due to the large impact that this facility will have on the economy of the State of New Mexico, Pegasus Global is working directly with local and state government representatives, state universities, and federal laboratory leadership.

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