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23 Jul 2012

WAN awards 'Tell a Friend and win an iPad' entrant Scott Millar with his prize

WAN recently hosted a competition to win an iPad through our ‘Tell a Friend’ function which allows users to share their favourite projects, breaking news articles and useful case studies with their friends and colleagues. A popular function on every WAN project page, ‘Tell a Friend’ gained six hundred competition entrants in one month and we can now reveal that the lucky winner is Scott Millar from Morin Heights, Quebec. Here’s a little about Scott…

"I am a Canadian architect who loves his craft. I have been developing my knowledge base through continuing education, travel, and work experience throughout Canada. After working for firms on medium to large scale multi-use projects for 12 years, I started own practise 23 years ago, focusing mainly on residential design. I also started teaching interior design 16 years ago, and like the balance of architectural work and teaching. I enjoy the interaction with the students and love to see their personal and professional development. I encourage them to get involved with their home and design communities.

"Representing my college, I have been visiting design schools in China and have developed good relationships with Environmental Design programs in Shanghai and Suzhou. I have also done some teaching and brought some design students with me, and have received Chinese students, teachers and administrators in Montreal.

"I use WAN to see what is going on internationally. I am particularly impressed with the projects being built, and to be built, in South Korea and Singapore. WAN allows architects and designers to ‘visit’ these inspirational projects without getting on airplanes.

"I shared the Hilton Pattaya Hotel project in Thailand with an Interior Design alumni who had designed an imaginative hotel in his final design studio. The Thai hotel landscape and architectural design are beautifully integrated and the look and feeling that comes through is one of calm, peace, and even serenity. The use of a shopping centre roof shows the potential for this resource, which could also be used for food production and more green space in cities.

"Thanks again for allowing architects from around the world to share their work."

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