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Friday 20 Jul 2012

A step forward in facade technology

Architects are always suggesting new ideas for facade double skins with their own unique vibration.

Industrias Imar S.A. has specialised in offering bespoke solutions to help these ideas become a reality.

IMARSPLASH is the reflection of one of these ideas.

IMARSPLASH is an evolution of simple folded and perforated panels for building enclosures and internal claddings with straight sides.

Created by applying the best perforation technology, along with hit deformation tools manufactured in house, it has excellent lay-flat properties for its installation on façades.

Its geometry and design of random perforation and small volumes adds the necessary aesthetic component demanded by the market.

The reflection of light on the different angle and deformations of the panel confers life of its own and constant variability to the image projected by the building throughout the day.

This image can be altered by custom designing the suitable solution for you: Industrias Imar's Façade Engineering Department can study all variables and propose the best alternative with minimum weight and maximum mechanical strength.

Through own developed software - Dimar Program - different metallic materials and finishes can be conferred to IMARSPLASH making it a double skin solution suitable for buildings in environments rated C2 to C5.

IMARSPLASH meets all the necessary mechanical requirements to be installed with total guarantees of reliability and quality. To ensure this, the following assessments are carried out, together with on site support:

-Mechanical and warping assessment of perforated and expanded elements.

-Calculation of fixing systems.

-Optimization of the geometric design in conjunction with the required fixing system.

-Study of compatibility of coexisting materials in contact.

IMARSPLASH combines a high aesthetic quality with a manufacturability and excellent quality-to-price ratio, as well as contributes to Improve Energy Efficiency of the building (comparative calculations of energy efficiency improvement can be carried out upon request).

Something special needn't be something expensive!

To get a glimpse of the volume and image effects Industrias Imar S.A. can create by working with expanded mesh and perforated metal please visit http://imararquitectura.blogspot.com/.


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