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Wednesday 11 Jul 2012

The new KONE MonoSpace elevator has arrived

KONE changed the world of elevation in 1996 when it launched the world's first machine room less elevator. Since then, the MonoSpace® has continued to be at the heart of vertical transportation in buildings throughout the world. Well; in four key areas; the best just got better.

Eco Efficiency and sustainability has been improved beyond recognition. KONE's regenerative drive provides energy for the building's own use. The new MonoSpace is 35% more energy efficient than their current market leading model and meets the coveted VDI A Rating for energy consumption. This is achieved by having the lowest stand-by power, intelligent LED lighting, and a new gearless machine. Not to mention that 93% of the MonoSpace® can be recycled at the end of its design life.

KONE is the first elevator company to win four Red Dot 2012 Design Awards. KONE has put design and user experience at the forefront of the new design. The use of patented materials and effects makes travelling in this new elevator a pleasure rather than just a means to get from one floor to another.

Ride Comfort is not just about a smooth and experiential ride in an elevator. It considers noise transmission through adjoining sub structures and fabric. This makes the MonoSpace® the only logical choice in hotel or residential application because it will not only enhance the customer brand but will allow a good nights sleep through having the lowest noise levels technically possible today.  

The new MonoSpace® also gives more for less. Because space optimisation is part of the DNA, you can take advantage of the smallest shaft footprint, giving you more rentable space or when you refurbish a building, you can have a higher carrying capacity within the existing shaft.



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