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Monday 09 Jul 2012

Dynamic bridge by Flint & Neill and Moxon Architects connects to St Helens Rugby League Stadium

This is an excellent example of close co-operation between client, contractor, designers and specialist suppliers to deliver a high quality, attractive and extremely cost effective solution. Compressed into a very tight programme, the project required complete integration of construction logistics and design throughout.

The contract to design and construct the £2M bridge was awarded under a competitive tendering process in which the team's ability to work in a partnering framework to meet the extremely tight programme played a significant part in the selection process.

The single clear span of 60m suited the existing topography and minimised excavation of potentially contaminated soil. The bridge features a dramatic parabolic steel arch with unusual curved ends to create a continuous ribbon which was only achievable through the use of complex non-linear structural analysis by the engineers.

Extensive 3D modelling was also used to develop the complex geometry and realise the architect's vision for the bridge. The design and construction team worked very closely together to achieve the design intent within extremely tight budget constraints and open the bridge in time for the first match in the new Stadium in January 2012.

The slender and elegant steel box deck is suspended from the arch using an innovative flat plate hanger system chosen in place of proprietary bars or cables. These hangers incorporate compact recessed spherical bearings at the end connections, allowing them to be rapidly installed on site thereby massively reducing the amount of site welding requirements and shortening the programme.

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