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Thursday 05 Jul 2012

World's tallest building to be constructed by pre-fab specialist in the next 9 months

The Chinese pre-fabricated building specialists the Broad Group are reportedly planning to construct the world’s tallest building in nine months, in Shangsa, China. The tower, which will be named Sky City, would reach 838m (2,750ft), surpassing the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (828m).

The construction company has a reputation for building pre-fab buildings in record time, but this ambitious building proposal will be on a scale they have never before attempted.

For months, rumours of the project have been circulating in such publications as the Wall Street Journal, which states that the project began planning in April, but concrete information has yet to be confirmed. It has also been reported that the tower will consist of 220 floors of apartments for 174,000 people, with the remaining space designated for a hotel, a school, a hospital, offices, shops and restaurants.

Zhu Lingfang, a member of the Broad Group insisted that despite various concerns, plans to build a structure like Sky City would not be unstable. "Such people do not understand our (construction) model," he reassured the Wall Street Journal. "The tower will be able to withstand a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and it will be able to be evacuated within 15 minutes," Ms. Zhu, also from Broad Group, told the Journal.

Gordon Chang, who writes for Forbes, an online resource for business news, expressed a pessimistic view of the project: "At the moment the central government has yet to give its blessing to Sky City, and many think the building will never get out of the ground."

Samantha Morley

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