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Wednesday 04 Jul 2012

Sabbagh Arquitectos completes events centre with acoustic challenges

The project consists of an overall expansion and remodeling of an old downtown Events Center which operated in the last level of a parking garage, located between Paris Street and San Francisco Street, in the heart of Santiago.

The architectural proposal was to build a large space flexible and highly transparent, allowing views of the main perceived the south - west of Santiago, the Virgin on Cerro San Cristobal and San Francisco to the North Church, in order to establish itself as a 'Great Plaza - Mirador' that recognises the city, taking advantage of favorable conditions presented by the project.

This particular space, the main hall, which forms the main extension, is a laminated wood structure chosen for its economy, lightness, sustainability , speed of execution and that was allowed to be left without finishing the whole structure, forming a very warm place, which in conjunction with the crystal, provides great transparency and elegance.

In a way, it tries to replicate the condition of public plaza of 'Alameda de Santiago', armed by trees and foliage, but in height, through these wooden frames which in sequence define the space by replicating the effect of foliage, imprisoning and falling, giving power to the space.

One of the most complex issues to resolve was the sound, where departments were very close. This forced the architects to 'close up' those parts with volumes of services to control the emission of noise. Also added the technology applied to the glass to allow views of the most interesting places.

In addition to the acoustic emission, it was very important to resolve the internal acoustics. The scheme of 'foliage' made up by the sky of wooden lattice-shaped curve (inverted, catenary style), together with an absorbent cloth on the inner face of the sky solved this very successfully, creating an interesting space.

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