Filling in the blanks

Thursday 28 Jun 2012

Baena Casamor Arquitectes designs a sports centre with a minimalist aesthetic

The new sports pavilion is built as a volume that levitates above the ground. The body acquires a clear and convincing geometry. Thanks to this there is the  possibility to use the space above the changing rooms body for small-format sports (table tennis) as well as installations and services facilities. The roof, stepped to the rhythm of the beams illuminates a large interior blank space.

The most important thing on the court is the activity: sports and play. Inside, the building appears as a blank canvas, a big empty frame where the sport is developed. Only the volume that houses the changing rooms, store rooms and small-format sports appears in dark contrast. Like the choir of a Gothic church, it departs from the central area of sports grounds and faces stepped toward it. However, the ground floor, fully glazed, enables indoors sports with views to the outside.

Outside, the green of the leaves and their shadows are reproduced in the pixel pattern of the facade. Next to it, a second polycarbonate skin blurs the colors of the facade and the real dimension of the building. The image of the building changes with the time of day or the visual angle. Sometimes the building blends with the sky, sometimes with the trees; at times the building seems to have its own light. On the other hand, the building envelope is specially designed to collaborate on the thermal conditioning of the building and the permeability of light inside.

The roof of the building takes advantage of its long roof trusses to introduce natural light inside between them and also contains a technical room (hothouse) that configures an air collector that gathers the energy stored in the cameras and ventilates the facades. The double facade captures heat, thanks to the greenhouse effect, which is used during winter for heating, while in summer causes a flow of natural ventilation.

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