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Wednesday 27 Jun 2012

Street vendors in Jakarta start to donate funds to Corruption Eradication Commission

Support is building for the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in Jakarta as street vendors begin donating money to the fund for a new commercial base for the organisation. Earlier this week, Abraham Samad, head of the KPK, received the first instalment of INDR 1 million from the Indonesian Street Vendors Association (PPKLI).

The KPK issued a request for a new office building four years ago after their current base became too small for the organisation’s needs. Built 31 years ago for a maximum of 350 people, the structure is now the workplace of over 550 employees and is outdated for the requirements of a modern firm.

Despite the obvious need for an updated building, the KPK’s request was delayed in 2008 for an indefinite term. The INDR 162bn fund needed is clearly a major factor in this action as Gede Pasek Suardika, House Commission Head and Democratic Party member, explained that various other organisations - including the National Commission on Human Rights and the National Counterterrorism Agency - had also applied for construction funding. Pasek Suardika said: “We treat them all in the same way. There should not be any special treatment.”

So official funding may not be forthcoming but the KPK has found a backer in the form of Jakarta street vendors. There has been no official confirmation as to whether or not the organisation will accept donations in this form but the Secretary General of the PPKLI detailed his reasons for backing the scheme on Tuesday.

He commented: “As Indonesian citizens, we have the pure intention to help with the construction of the KPK building. We don’t know politics, but as ordinary people, we support the KPK to eradicate corruption. We donated because we wanted the KPK to keep fighting against corruption despite obstruction from the House of Representatives.”

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