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Wednesday 20 Jun 2012

Frigerio Design Group win Terna power station competition with local inspiration

Frigerio Design Group (FDG) have recently won the design competition for a new power station held by Italian electricity giants Terna. The brief set a difficult challenge for the architects entering, due to the complexity of the technical requirements and for its aesthetical impact on the island of Capri.

The scheme aims to connect the small island to the National Transmission Grid in mainland Italy through a series of underwater power lines that would be received by the new power station.

FDG’s winning entry for the competition looks at the existing site context for its design inspiration. The architects have carefully designed the building by using the geography to inform the buildings presence in the landscape.

Following the contours of the land the building sits unobtrusively in the landscape and uses a patterned façade that mimics the jagged cliff faces that sit behind the site, helping it to blend in with the surrounding environment.

The architects were keen to promote this sense of architectural identity with the surroundings and drove the design intent throughout the whole project. The power station is set for completion by 2014.

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