Cool design in Cohiaique

Wednesday 06 Jun 2012

Chilean practice Panorama complete water bottling plant project in the forest

The project is situated in the border of Queulat National Park in Patagonia, 3 hours away from Cohiaique, which is the nearest city. The location determined the material and construction logistics decisions, in order to secure its construction quality and reduce ageing because of tough climate conditions. The project was built in only 4 months. The building is to be used for processing of bottled glacial water.

The building that contains the process is a box 18m x18m and 6m high. The four facades are clad in toughened glass with a black opaque coating with a tapered soil base.

Because of the climatic conditions, glass offered a good skin solution and gave the aesthetic quality of reflecting the surroundings landscape. By using the materials they have it helps to blend the building into the landscape, helping to minimise the visual impact upon the forest in which it sits.

The steel structure is bolted rather than welded, to allow the potential for future reclamation of the building materials. The river that runs nearby floods during the winter season, the 1.5m tapered base offers the necessary protection without compromising the building.

Inside the walls are splashed with yellow paint, and timber flooring lines some areas contrasting the exterior and adding a warmer environment in the building, as the plant facilities are set in a white, clinical aesthetic.

Matthew Goodwill

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