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Wednesday 16 May 2012

Launch event in London sets new direction for global design solutions experts Autodesk

A 2013 launch event hosted by Autodesk in London several weeks ago marked the release of the company's new 2013 product range. This year’s products have seen a real push in the innovative Cloud services that Autodesk have developed for their products, under the new name of Autodesk 360.

The ‘Cloud’ has been dubbed the most fundamental change to the design industry since the introduction of computer aided design. Autodesk 360 can be used to harness the power of Autodesk’s remote hardware capabilities, to use Autodesk products onsite that allow live updates to projects in real time and for design communication between offices and clients.

The introduction in to the Cloud highlighted several key features and services that make it a highly complementary aid to the vast array of innovative and key programmes Autodesk currently offers. The key service available with Autodesk 360 are the cloud rendering services. This provides the ability to submit drawings to be rendered remotely, freeing up the local systems being used and allowing multiple design propositions to be developed. This tool will be invaluable to practices that cannot afford to introduce the necessary hardware required for high quality visualisations.

Throughout the launch the idea of unification of design disciplines was displayed through the product descriptions as many of the programmes now allow crossover functionality or the ability to work in two programmes with real time synchronisation, reducing the need to export and import to different file formats and allowing the potential to really utilise the power and functions of each programme.

Through the release of the new suite packages, many of the features found in separate versions of programmes (for example: Revit, Architectural Design, MEP Engineering and Structural Engineering) can now be found all within one programme to allow full integration and crossovers to address the needs of all areas.

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