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Wednesday 16 May 2012

Iconic building reaches completion

The Beijing CCTV tower, a building that has been iconic since its conception back in 2002, has officially been completed. The project which has been 10 years in the making saw its official construction completion marked with a ceremony today in Beijing.

The China Central Television Headquarters has become a famous landmark on the Beijing skyline, transforming it with the unique form and changing the way skyscrapers are traditionally perceived. The CCTV tower’s designers, OMA (Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren) began the ambitious project 10 years ago and since then the tower has been critically acclaimed for the innovative design and engineering challenges that were overcome in its construction.

Ole Scheeran, who led the project, has since moved on from OMA however this is still a landmark moment for him and the design team at OMA and gave this statement: “This is a truly special and momentous occasion to witness the final completion ceremony of the new CCTV headquarters which will enliven Beijing’s Central Business District. A decade since the beginning, it is tremendously rewarding to see our collective vision realised in a building that will now start to take its active place in this city and as the home to a global broadcaster.”

The CCTV Tower provides the infrastructure for the entire television production process, using the idea of a single continuous loop of interconnected activities throughout the building, creating a ‘three-dimensional experience of geometric and social continuity.’ Through the implementation of this looped network it will allow for the whole building to run simultaneously in a unified cycle, from start to finish, both architecturally and in terms to production.

There are future plans to open a ‘visitor’s loop’ in the tower, a path that allows the public to flow through the building as a tourist attraction, providing views across the entirety of Beijing and allowing the visitors to experience the production process in television in the building.

Matt Goodwill

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