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Thursday 10 May 2012

New 'super hospital' for Glasgow by Nightingale Associates

Located in Scotland's largest city, New South Glasgow Hospital is an immense scheme that will provide a 1,109 bed adult hospital, a 240 bed children's hospital and support facilities on a single site.

The client brief requires the hospitals to be 'mutually compatible while having an identifiably distinct character expressed both externally and internally as benefits the nature of the patient groups'.

Nightingale responds to the brief with a unique concept that draws on Glasgow's rich maritime heritage. By translating the specific requirements of the site, local community and existing facilities, the hospital is divided into three distinctive, and yet interconnected elements: the ‘Dock', the ‘Beacon' and the ‘Vessel'.

The adult hospital main entrance is located within its podium; known as the ‘Dock'. Visitors are drawn into a vast 12-storey atrium, with a glazed link bridge and walls punctuated with brightly coloured pods that overlook the bright and airy space.   

Adult wards are located in the ‘Beacon' above. Single, en-suite bedrooms are outward facing preserving patient privacy and dignity. Each of the eight floors are designed as a flexible template, whereby nursing units can expand or contract around the floor to suit changing clinical needs.

Despite its size, this ‘super hospital' has a special holistic quality. The design delivers user comfort and engagement, from the innovative use of art and interactive technology in public spaces, to its therapeutic roof gardens and dedicated adult and children's parkland.

The four-storey children's ‘Vessel' physically connects to the ‘Dock', but has its own entrance and identity, making it more welcoming to children of all ages. From its vibrant central atrium, right through to its flexible, exterior-facing bedrooms, bright, child-friendly interiors create a fun and lively environment, with special features such as a medi-cinema and play areas. Innovative 'cruciform' four-bed bays maximise privacy for patients while minimising MRSA/infection rates.

Nightingale has designed a truly non-institutional hospital of quality, which places the community at its heart and engenders wellbeing for all users. The interior design strategy is enriched through community engagement and the commissioning of local artists and school children. It weaves together the three architectural forms, ensuring that users can navigate with ease.

When completed, the hospital will be the first major acute hospital of its size to achieve a BREEAM Excellent rating. The new hospital will transform the Glasgow skyline, and set within landscaped public gardens, it has become a catalyst for wider economic and social regeneration, contributing to the physical development of the area. 

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