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Tuesday 01 May 2012

1960's office building is transformed into a luxury hotel

Dorchester Collection 45 Park Lane is the refurbishment of a 1960's office building into a magnificent luxury hotel, designed by Thierry W. Despont in collaboration with Executive Architects, Paul Davis + Partners. The success of the two studios complimenting each other from design intention to execution has produced exciting and iconic results at this new Mayfair landmark.

A driving force was to explore solutions to turn the original building into a 21st Century sustainable project.

The development comprises 5,859 sq m over 11 levels including penthouse and basement and contains 45 luxury suites, restaurant, bar, private screening room, gym and lounge.

The characteristic shape, scale and structure of the building were maintained. This had the advantages of reducing the programme, minimizing cost and reducing the amount of materials and "embodied energy" required to achieve the desired built volume.

External metal fins span the width of seven floors covering retained cladding. Completely integrated with its context, at night the whole façade is illuminated to full effect, injecting an exciting visual impact to the north east side of Park Lane.

The scheme's pioneering fire strategy solution maximizes space with a single internal staircase, the first for any hotel project in London. Contemporary art deco influenced interiors of rich robust materials were used creating the intimate feeling of a luxury private residence.

Aimed at the younger generation of an established clientele, this exceptional refurbished building is set to become a modern classic.

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