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Monday 30 Apr 2012

Leigh & Orange designs a 'hospital in a park' in Shenzhen

The extension of The People’s Hospital of Futian in Shenzhen, China, endeavors to integrate world-class hospital services, medical research and surrounding community in urban park environment. A minimum of 1,000 beds will be provided upon the completion of the renovated hospital and its new extension, with a total GFA of 138,945 sq m.

The complex consists of three major portions including an existing Basic Medical Center, a new International Medical Center and a new International Medical Exchange Center, which are distributed on a long and irregular site lying from north to south. The new Medical Center is modeled in a hospitality environment, connected by an elevated multi-level spine with entrances towards major medical departments and supporting amenities. An open landscape in the east contributes as a natural healing environment of sufficient daylight as well as a public park for adjacent community and a way-finding design element for the patients, staff and visitors as they navigate along the hospital.

Taking the advantage of better scenic view of open space around the site, inpatient reception lobby of new International Medical Center (200 beds) would start at 30 ft, to maximise the magnificent park view and to get away from busy urban life underneath, enhancing inpatient experiences with peace and tranquility. At the lower block beside Basic Medical Center, all windows of the wards are located to enjoy the pleasant views of the school playground.

The design responds to - and is respectful of - the warm and humid climate of southern China. Building mass facing east-west direction is minimised to reduce the solar heat gain. Daylight control of the building is manipulated by a double skin façade with manually operable louver panels in response to different orientations. Micro-climate is created by the building overhangs, which brings forth human comfort.

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