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Monday 30 Apr 2012

WAN launches the Innovation Network, bringing together the worlds of design and manufacturing

Keeping abreast of the latest technology and products from around the world is a major challenge for architects and engineers, there being no single resource to refer to for up to the minute, validated information in any particular sector. Conversely, for manufacturers, bringing new products to the attention of the design community is no easy task without an established channel being available.

However this engagement is vital if designers are to be kept up date with the latest technology, enabling them to future-proof their building projects. For manufacturers, feedback on installed products and the latest information on trends is a key component when developing new products.

The WAN AWARDS programme with its panel of international experts examining the world's leading architectural projects generates a wealth of fascinating information about building design trends and the products/materials incorporated in them. For Q2 2012 we plan to channel this into an innovation network adding in technology data from leading architects, engineers and manufacturers to enable the wider, international construction industry to benefit from this knowledge.

The network will bring together the worlds of design and manufacturing through a series of focused workshops, seminars and online forums.

The WAN Innovation Network will be launched with a seminar regarding the latest innovation in facades during this year's London Festival of Architecture.

Workshops planned: 
Quarterly focus #1

1. Metal facades/cladding
2. Glass facades
3. Facades - The future: technology/materials /Nano /ECO /Projection

The workshops will be closed door sessions and the findings will be presented at a Facades seminar by members of the panel followed by questions from non-attending (international) members and Q and A session with the audience concluding with opportunities to meet and question the manufacturers over a light lunch.

The findings and conclusions of each quarterly focus will be made available on the exclusive members' website.

To register interest in attending the Facades seminar and for more information regarding membership please contact sam.mansour(at)

Key Facts:

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