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Monday 30 Apr 2012

Buchan Group's design captures the Gold Coast culture

Situated on the key Dolphin Arcade site in Surfers Paradise, this development presented the challenge of accommodating 410 residential apartments, a 169 room hotel, restaurants, bar, a retail street and seven levels of basement within a landmark form.

A guiding principle of the design process was mitigation of the tower bulk and the impact on the ground plane. Breaking the project into two towers allowed the development to proceed from a staging perspective and provided the opportunity for smaller footprints. A strong sense of geometrical form emerged throughout the planning. Tower forms are generated by a series of circles and arcs in both horizontal and vertical planes. There is a strong vertical dialogue between the two towers; however a significant difference in height ensures the individual identity of each building.

The relatively simple facade expression provides a sense of clarity to the building form. Only on the western face of each tower is there a departure from this principle, with the bowing facades taking on a more solid appearance responding to the low afternoon sun.

The towers provide a variety of residential product types and hotel rooms. From the interior the floor to ceiling glazing provides a sense of openness, maximising panoramic vistas in all directions. At ground the program significantly contributes to the unification of the city's array of active public spaces. A plaza sits at the base of the towers acting as a collection space to draw the pedestrian flow eastward into the development, as well as responding to the circulation spine introduced by the neighbouring development to the west of the site.

The overall scheme results in a gesture of relative simplicity. The great arcs responding to water and land are represented in an oppositional dialogue, yet at the same time stabilise the relationship between the forms.

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