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Monday 16 Apr 2012

Ryntovt Design present their new eco-hotel in Dnepropertrovsk

The Friend House is an eco-hotel located in the forest near the Orel river bank, 30 km from Dnepropertrovsk.  It is a single storey building with large open spaces, parking, terraces, garden and parks with a covered area of 1750 square metres. During development of the project, an ecological analysis of the region was undertaken to observe the Earth and energy of the site. The space is designed to reflect these natural details whilst being surrounded by beautiful wildlife. In this project, Ryntovt Design has exclusively used ecologically harmless materials such as clay, reed and wood.  The building structure is created using wood and shell stone. The network of cocoon style rooms are united by a single roof plate.

All of the furniture and lighting in the hotel are designed by Ryntovt Design themselves. The design is intended to communicate with the environment, the forest and the river. The ecological cover of the building is designed to connect with the natural landscape that surrounds it. Another distinctive feature of this eco-hotel is its apple tree orchard.  The idea of the orchard is driven by a beautiful local legend which suggests that a farmer should always invite guests to their orchard twice a year, during spring when the orchard blossoms and on Transfiguration Day whilst apples are being picked in the summer.

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