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09 Apr 2012

ICON Architects present a delicate effect of interplay of light and shade in Toronto

Responding to what a city has envisioned as its official plan is not divergent to what a developer can achieve as a successful project, all the time. Respecting the city design guidelines for low, mid or even high-rise developments can also be rewarding when a full support of city staff is achieved in a rezoning process.

ICON Architects' commitment to unique design and communication with each client is clearly maintained through this project, giving their clients the confidence to work through their investment. This condominium project is one of their latest designs in Toronto, Canada, which is comprised of 89 residential units on four floors.

High density stratified timber panels, form the cladding of playful boxes with varying extrusions, arranged for a delicate effect of interplay of light and shade, proving the importance of the way buildings work and look, the way they are made, and the public spaces they generate.

ICON Architects Inc. was formed in 2008 in Toronto and their current projects include six residential and mixed used condominiums, four large townhouse projects, three office and commercial buildings, and four elementary schools.

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