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Tuesday 03 Apr 2012

Traditional Taihu Rocks provide inspiration for concept of Main Pavilion for Garden Expo

Atelier 11 has shared its concept proposals for the 9th China International Garden Expo to be held in Beijing in April 2013. This design for the event’s main pavilion is directly inspired by the traditional concept of Taihu Rocks - picturesque garden stones that symbolise the themes of simplicity and spirituality.

Atelier 11 explains: “As a natural element and irreplaceable component in garden art, the rock is considered an ideal representation for the beauty of garden culture in the new era. And under the understated appearance of Taihu rocks, there lie in an intimate relationship with the local geographical character and a more profound influence from the philosophical theories in the traditional Chinese culture.”

The main pavilion design is a simplistic yet contemporary series of volumes resembling caves and rocks as the architects determined to create a structure that reflected an artificial landscape in response to the existing park fabric. It was important that the finished building had the ultimate flexibility as it must be able to exhibit flowers, rockeries and potted displays during the 9th China International Garden Expo and remain useful after the event has closed.

The concept incorporates exhibition spaces, a visitor experience centre and research lab, and various public amenities are supported by a flexible path design which takes its reference from many classical Chinese gardens. In April 2013, Beijing will host the next China International Garden Expo to demonstrate innovations in landscape design, achievements in forestation and construction, promotion of garden culture and environmental protection, and improvements in sustainable measures.

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