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Thursday 22 Mar 2012

Unusual residential tower planned for India

Shreeparti Gardens located at Parel, Mumbai could be tallest residential tower in Mumbai. These unusual towers are about 400m high which consist of 4,800,000 sq ft area. The distinct silhouette of the structure will be highly identifiable in its urban environment. Structurally the building is designed in core construction. In this, the slender buildings have two different sides that share a central core and the remainder of the building is a steel structure that hangs and cantilevers out from this concrete core.

These four towers are designed to interact playfully with each other in order to form an ever-changing image that can be perceived from different locations in the city around them and the towers individual design creates a new presence that punctures the skyline with a powerful, recognisable silhouette. The design for this residential project strives to symbolise the boldness of the overall master plan and represent its contemporary vision and innovation enthusiastically.

The importance of the site is accentuated by its location as users are afforded magnificent sea view on both sides as they climb the building. The two focal towers 100 storeys high act like two arms opening up to the sky. These towers are anchored by a sky bridge and can hold public functions 300m above the streets.

An observation deck is planned at an altitude of 400m and tension edge swimming pools at around 300m above the ground level. The result is that these four towers bend and the centre two reach to the sky in a gesture that would seem to defy gravity.

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