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Tuesday 13 Mar 2012

The organic forms of nature are reflected in the work of 24H>architecture

24H>architecture was founded in 2001 by Boris Zeisser and Maartje Lammers founded in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Drawing inspiration from nature, the theme of Art d'eco has been developed as one of the main design philosophies of the office. With this the ambition is to support the environment as well as to create beauty: this makes the art of ecology.

Other themes developed over the years within the office that form a base for inspiration are:

Evolution - adaptable structures in time providing multi program use in a single space.
Natrufied - Abstract interpretations of nature petrified into building materials.
Organism - Growing additions transform existing buildings into new compositions.
Sensibility - to arouse the senses, a building should age beautifully by using materials with a natural ability to transform during its lifetime.

In the past 10 years 24H>architecture has been involved in various scale projects. One of the first projects was the summerhouse Dragspelhuset at Övre Gla, Sweden. Various signature designs in housing, exhibition and hotel projects have since then been

The 16 person international team of 24H currently works on a broad scope of design tasks like schools, housing and hotel developments in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

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