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Monday 12 Mar 2012

Feix&Merlin search for the whimsical and unusual side of architecture

Feix&Merlin is a boutique design studio based in London, co-founded by Julia Feix & Tarek Merlin in 2006.

Since its creation Feix&Merlin have consistently produced work that is magical and full of mystery, trying to keep an emphasis on work that is progressive, unusual and whimsical.

Their first built project, Eyes Wide sHut, a beach hut on the east coast of England, completed in 2007, seeks to create a new found interest in the traditional UK holiday destination. Since then they have gone on to work for some of the UK's leading developers and educational institutions including two development projects for Urban Splash; the re-invigoration of the Gasholder Nr. 8 at Kings Cross for Argent; an art/architecture installation for The London School of Economics, as well as other exciting projects for private developers and residential clients. Feix&Merlin believe that their clients seem to share a desire to work with the best of contemporary architects and a dedication to curate unique and delightful spaces.

Feix&Merlin were finalists for the Young Architect of the Year award in 2008 and nominated for the LEAF Awards 2009.

Julia & Tarek met whilst working with Will Alsop in Battersea, London. Both have cut their teeth on a variety of high profile and exciting projects, and have worked closely together for a number of years.

There are a few things the pair won't stand for. They won't stand for the lazy, the obvious or the mundane. They will always push themselves to find the unusual, the innovative solution, and they work hard throughout a project to ensure that they never lose sight of these early aspirations.

They won't impose a design aesthetic. Instead they respond to what they find out in client discussions, on site visits, and through consultation with local institutions and by looking at established ways of life.

They won't shy away from tackling the wider context. Any project has an impact far greater than its actual site boundaries, and the pair are keen to explore the essence of any local area. Feix and Merlin have developed a holistic approach taking into account the client brief, budget, planning guidelines etc. but also taking a steer from the wider context, the cultural and habitual elements of local life.

Feix and Merlin stand for a sense of uniqueness. They stand for delight and enjoyment; truth and mystery; honesty and deception; texture, colour, light, humour and wit.

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