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Friday 09 Mar 2012

KCAP realises unique concepts and attractive designs on the fringe between architecture and urbanism

KCAP Architects&Planners is an internationally operating Dutch design firm specialised in architecture and urbanism. Founded 1989 by Kees Christiaanse, KCAP has grown to be one of the leading offices for architecture and urban planning in Europe and Asia. KCAP has offices in Rotterdam (NL), Zurich (CH) and Shanghai (CN) and works with a staff of 90 professionals on all levels of urban design and architecture.

With a multi-disciplinary approach to complex design issues, KCAP has gained extensive experience in a varied range of projects, particularly with a focus on developing high quality new urban environments in existing cities. KCAP is an expert in the revitalisation of former industrial, railway and harbour areas, which is illustrated by KCAP's work in the docklands of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Hamburg and London.

KCAP combines an optimistic view on the world with straight-forward pragmatism to face global challenges, elaborate possibilities and reach solutions. KCAP is driven to establish the ‘Open City', a city that is diverse, lively and socially sustainable, where people can productively relate to each other culturally, socially, as well as economically.

In KCAP's view a successful masterplan is a sustainable, smart ‘breeding ground' where existing and novel structures and programmes, some still unknown, might flourish and interweave. Masterplanning as the coordinator of the collective should obtain a degree of neutrality, for architecture should blossom in 1000 flowers. In other words: masterplanning is about creating conditions for freedom.

KCAP maintains close ties to major academic institutes and urban research programmes and in Europe and Asia, such as the ETH in Zurich and Future Cities in Singapore. This also comes back in their office, KCAP applies an internal mentoring systems, fostering young architects and promoting an ongoing research culture within the office.

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