A multilayered approach

Friday 09 Mar 2012

Through collaborative working IPTA creates emerging architecture

Idris-Perrineau Town Architects (IPTA) has a distinct philosophy: to use a multilayered approach to the design and making of places. This approach resulted in IPTA being selected as a finalist in the Young Architect of the Year Award 2011.

IPTA is interested in how architecture communicates with its immediate and wider contexts. By using their broad background knowledge and making a sensitive study of each site, IPTA rigorously explores how to achieve a seamless relationship between existing topography and architecture - how buildings can become part of the landscape, and vice versa - to create a natural flow between buildings and landscape.   

As sustainability is vital to the practice, this competition-winning eco housing development (The Hyde), located on a hillside near the Kent, UK coastline, features recyclable materials, green planted roof and geothermal heating. The project comprises two volumes: an upper block respects the scale and form of the surrounding dwellings, while a lower block is cut into the hillside, with the natural upper ground level extending to form its planted roof. The community considered this an innovative use of the site: a high-density scheme that retained 70% of the existing green space.

As a small practice, IPTA is continuously inspired to ‘think outside the box'. By collaborating with other creative and manufacturing industries, they have developed into a multifaceted practice with wide experience.

IPTA has established an in-house fabrication workshop to create Ecospace prototypes. These compact flexible modular buildings are their response to today's concerns about urban space, the economy and the environment. Ecospace buildings have evolved to be fully scalable but with total design flexibility. With over 200 projects completed - from studios, educational and community buildings to low-cost compact homes - Ecospace has gained international recognition. Collaborations with architects in Italy, Germany, France, Holland and Spain have allowed their partners to provide unique responses to various physical, social and cultural contexts.

Examples of work include: The Hyde competition winning housing development (2010), Old Mount Farm (due 2013), Ecospace modular buildings (2009).

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