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Thursday 08 Mar 2012

Dekleva gregoric arhitekti aim is to challenge the obvious

Dekleva gregoric arhitekti understand design as research and response to specific constrains and conditions of each project. They research conditions: spatial, social, material, historical, typological, climatic... They aim is to challenge the obvious.

There is no style but rather a systematic design approach as organisational technique to intense structuring of space and challenging the use of materials with exposing their natures. They are concerned with the user and therefore aiming to stimulate new social interactions among users, users' participation in the design process and customisation to users' needs.

The work spans different scales and programmes as well as diverse climates and localities. The understanding of each is crucial for any subtle response within the codes of each context.

Aljosa Dekleva and Tina Gregoric set up the office dekleva gregoric arhitekti  in 2003 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. They both graduated at the Faculty of Architecture, Ljubljana and received Master degree in Architecture with Distinction in 2002 at the DRL, Architectural Association in London.

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