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08 Mar 2012

Creative Spaces make space for people to live, work and enjoy

Creative Spaces brings together the disciplines of architecture and interior design - a combination that has been regenerating public, institutional and commercial environments, and the workspaces of leading New Zealand organisations for over 20 years.

Creative Spaces has successfully combined a passion for intelligent, innovative design with industry-leading methodologies to design places that people can connect with. As well as a broad portfolio this approach has given them a wealth of expertise to draw on, and it is this combination that allows them to offer exceptional value to their clients.

Outstanding design that is both effective and efficient does not happen in a vacuum. It comes from disciplined thinking and a systematic, consultative approach.

The team combines a rich diversity of backgrounds, blending youthful creativity with sound experience and practicality. And it is these talented individuals that drive the creative thinking behind their best work.

Intelligent design solutions and optimum value for money flow from their broad skill base, which ranges from architecture, urban, interior and graphic design, through to strategic planning, business management, project management, cost estimating, financial reporting and client representation. Together, the architects and designers enjoy a close working relationship and form an integrated team dedicated to successfully delivering each project.

At Creative Spaces five key values guide them and focus the service they deliver to theirr clients:

  • Seeing through the eyes of others - Sensitising themselves to their clients' environments and their people.
  • Be people curious - It's not so much what people do as why they do it that fascinates them and sparks powerful new ideas.
  • Make magic - Every project is an opportunity to create excitement and make people feel good about their working lives. And it starts from within.
  • Craft with precision - Surgically sharp planning and execution creates masterpieces.
  • Collaboration - Makes for the best outcomes and results.

Examples of work include Te Puia (completed 2007), Mangere Arts Centre (completed 2011), Manukau Library (completed 2011)

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