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Tuesday 06 Mar 2012

The Atelier of Architecture, founded by Tomas Ghisellini, unveil a selection of work from across Italy

Each architecture is nourished by the place where it is grafted, it is first of all matter, mass, gravity, weight, volume, and being like that, it fits disturbing and subversive in the sedimented  balances of every context. There is no architecture without place, it draws every legitimation to survival just from physical permanence, from the critical intersection with the environmental support that welcomes its gestation.

Architecture must firstly talk in terms of respect, attention and sensitivity. It has a crucial part in writing people's biography, in being the fascinating scenario of their lives. It must be lightness, strong calmness, leading presence, giving love to details and creating a sense of belonging walking beyond the fashion of the moment.

The Atelier of Architecture was founded by Tomas Ghisellini in 2009 after many experiences both nationally and internationally. The Studio, which deals with architectural and urban design, landscape architecture, interior design, construction and communication employs a technical staff of architects, engineers, experts and artists (all aged under 35) able to bring together in a single and close-knit designing team all the nowadays necessary skills to propose innovative settlements, solve design problems and provide care to evaluation and technical management of the projects.

Finalist in several international design competitions, the Atelier has recently won national competitions for the construction of public and private works, all completed or just being built; the young  firm can already claim completed works of all scales including shops, lofts and urban design interventions.

Examples of Atelier's work include: New Primary School, Cenate Sotto, Italy (competition winner, completed August 2011); New Municipal Cemetery, Tavazzano con Villavesco, Italy (competition winner, completed February 2012); Recovery and Expansion of a Historic Building, Ferrara, Italy (competition winner, completed February 2012); Village P Integrated Housing, Bologna (competition winner, under planning, to be completed 2015); Panorama Resort, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy (competition 2nd prize); Sports Complex, Villadose, Italy (competition finalist).

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