Ben Marshall joins WAN

Monday 05 Mar 2012

I recently joined the WAN team to raise the awareness of our Architecture and Interiors recruitment service. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the exciting and dynamic team at WAN. I’ve only been with the company a short time but I’m really excited at the prospect of working at the cutting edge of news, tenders, awards, projects and jobs in architecture and design.

I have worked in the A&D industry for many years with my biggest achievement being the launch and on-going development of the award-winning industry leader Material Lab. During my time at Material Lab I gained a real insight into the ups of downs of the job market for architects and designers. Early in 2011 I started to notice some ‘green shoots’ of recovery in what has been a really tough time for recruiters and candidates alike.

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In these times of austerity and ‘value engineering’ it is a common misconception that recruiters have it easy as there are so many candidates out of work or looking to move. In fact, the reality is that there are often too many candidates that are not of a good enough calibre or not enough candidates at all. At WAN we have the unique ability to link projects, news, tenders and jobs together creating an incredibly effective way of raising your company profile and linking your HR and PR departments. Pair this with simple and economical packages, from a one off job advert to an on-going employment campaign, all tailored to your specific requirements and you get the perfect recruitment solution.

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Where else can you get the most up-to-date resources on upcoming, new, and current architecture projects, the world’s biggest architectural awards programme and a regular round-up of the best interiors and design stories, alongside live jobs boards devoted to architecture and interiors? Our jobs boards are updated daily and link any projects related to the employer of the vacancy so you can check out the exciting work you could be part of if you are successful in your application!

We are currently developing and building the next generation WAN website and would love to hear your comments on what improvements could be made, so email me on or call on +44 (0) 1273 648 929

Ben Marshall
Recruitment Manager

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