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Wednesday 29 Feb 2012

Successful implementation of projects that deal with the envelope of the building

Guarnieri Architects is a London based, design-led architectural practice combining conceptual, creative work with technical competence.

Since its inception the practice has developed skills that have led to the successful implementation of projects that deal with the envelope of the building for both new and existing buildings. The envelope of the building has increasingly become one of the most important items on the design agenda for an architectural project as it is playing an ever more important role in regulating the cycle of energy consumption of a building.

Among this family of projects Guarnieri Architects has completed the Pack Line Headquarters in Tel-Aviv (Israel), the CMG Headquarter in Trieste (Italy) and entered the international competition for an emblem for Dubai which lead to the concept of the World Tower where the symbol of Dubai is the embodiment of the sphere of the word in a tall structure.

For the World Tower, the team used a geometric process developed by Buckminster Fuller in the '50 to unfold the geometry of the sphere of the world and developed that further to reconfigure it in a tall coherent structure.

The practice has also developed numerous environmental strategies for sustainable buildings, including entering competitions for large scale projects.

Guarnieri Architects' proposal for the National Library of the Czech Republic uses the mass of the stacks, wrapped in a thermally insulated envelope, as a device, regulating the cycle of cooling and heating of the building throughout the day and the different seasons of the year. It allows the displacement of time of maximum heat gain and the flattening of the curve of yearly energy consumption reducing it to a fifth of a conventional building. It is an innovative concept where the relation between the different parts of the programme and their respective mass results in a new type of library with a strong environmental performance.

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