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Wednesday 29 Feb 2012

Foster Lomas produce architecture that engages, excites and inspires

The founders struck out early on their careers, establishing Foster Lomas in 2005. Since then the studio has developed a diverse portfolio of work in the UK and around the world. They have produced innovative designs of many scales and types that follow their philosophy. Their work has gained recognition and recently they were shortlisted for Young Architect of the Year 2011.

The practice has a research based approach that forms the seed for every design. Its purpose is to look into the soul of a place or building and to establish an intimate understanding. Their working process is an artistic endeavour that is focused on producing architecture that engages, excites and inspires. Their research can throw up unexpected sources of inspiration. Projects have referenced the ambiguity and intrigue in the films of David Lynch to create atmospheres, not just spaces. On other occasions found objects have been the catalyst for creative journeys, more recently the simplicity and elegance of Sumatran Orang-utan nests have enabled them to develop locally responsive designs.

The studio believes an understanding of the ways in which things are made is critical in developing an architectural language. This can encompass studies of vernacular craft and collaboration with craftspeople to produce specific architectural elements. Their projects aim to extend the local narrative and for them this is key in producing meaningful spaces and buildings that have an intrinsic relationship with their surroundings and create a sense of belonging.

The team are concerned about the connection between people and the environment. In many ways modern life has eroded what was a symbiotic relationship between humans and the earth. They want to address this disconnection through their work and explore the ways in which architecture can engage with the environment and leave a sustainable legacy.

Examples of work include: Bukit Lawang Lodge (designed in 2011); Cliff House (completed Dec 2011); Riverside Apartment (completed Feb 2012); Thomas House (completed in 2006); Vogelstrand House (designed in 2006); B&Q Terrace (completed in 2010

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