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Tuesday 28 Feb 2012

Atelier 11 Seek the truth in architecture

Atelier 11 is an architecture studio based in Beijing, China. With years of practice in architectural design, research, and urban planning, their projects include cultural, commercial, exhibition, sports, and residential developments on all scales throughout the country. The studio's works have received many acknowledgements and awards from China's Ministry of Construction, City of Beijing, and China Architecture & Research Group. In addition, they have published several articles and participated in the compilation of China's national architectural regulations for exhibition & convention centres and underground buildings.

Looking for the truth in architecture and following creative ideals based on the understanding of this "truth" is the key philosophy behind all of Atelier 11's design. In their daily practice, the team is set to focus on the "true" answers to the site conditions of each project. These answers are based on intensive site analysis undertaken in each specific project and are transformed into solutions which make sure that the architecture is communicating properly with its surrounding environment. Atelier 11 never predetermines the architectural forms for any project, and never pursues excessive exposure of individuality for any design if it goes beyond the context.

The "truth" in functionality is always the starting point of the studio's architectural design. In each project, the team pays attention not only to the general functionality, such as human ergonomics and human behavioural patterns; but they also investigate in specific functional requirements, especially on the special physical and spatial needs in the buildings. It is the aim of Atelier 11 to realize the architecture's functionality and convenience to its maximum, with the objection to irrational and presumptuous buildings.

The ultimate goal of Atelier11's is to reach the "truth" in the human mind. Although dimensions, spatiality, forms, colours, textures and architectural details are all related to the aesthetic experiences of each individual and the truth in the human mind is inevitably shadowed by personal influence, Atelier 11 believes that by analyzing the expectation and feelings of the general public and creatively combining these intangible elements with their design skills, the architects would be able to reach agreement between their professional pursuit and the perception of the people who experience the architecture, and therefore they would also accomplish their social responsibilities as architects.

Examples of work include: China National Tennis Center (completed in 2011), China Textile City International Convention Exhibition Center (completed in 2009), Inside-out Art Center (Completed in 2007), Beijing Xi Shan Residential Development (completed in 2006), Pan Long Gu Church (under construction, to be completed in 2012), Pan Long Gu Conference Center (under construction, to be completed in 2012).

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