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23 Feb 2012

Project Orange showcase a variety of projects from across the UK

Project Orange Architects embrace and celebrate the complexity and diversity of the changing world. They do not have a single dominant mode of practice, rather they see their projects as narratives or stories. By collecting them together they form a body of work. Diverse approaches do not cancel each other out, rather they are co-ordinates on the map of architectural possibility.

They have now completed three very different projects for the same client all in Sheffield. 266 Glossop Road is a powerful and robust apartment building with retail and offices at the lower levels. Its sensuous form differentiates it from all the other ersatz developer brick boxes around, and at night the stained glass windows glow from within. A mile away in the more suburban neighbourhood of Cemetery Road their new residential building is a prototype for a more dense European model of housing. The most recent project transforms a former brick tram depot by adding a bold corrugated metal extension onto the roof. All three projects were constructed for around £1000/sqm which shows good design can be built to tight budgets.

A house for two brothers, now with families, generated a unique brief at Whitecross Street. One family wanted to move out so their half of the building was renovated to form five rentable studios, while the other family demolished the back of the property so the firm could build a new four story eco house. The shingle and copper facades share detailing with two other quite different projects. In designing a new workshop and design facility for Oakham School they turned the brief on its head. Instead of responding to the requirement of a ‘high tech glass building' they were inspired by the students interest in sustainability, so designed a low energy shingle-clad ‘shack'. Back in London a site next to a busy railway line created many challenges, but their solution to make a simple enclosure clad in copper tiles allowed them to maximise the available volume while making a building that, on closer inspection, is refined and delicate.

Selected Projects:
266 Glossop Road, Sheffield. Mixed Use. Completed 2006
Oakham School, Oakham. Education. Completed 2008
Field Street, London. Residential/commercial. Completed 2009
Whitecross Street, London. Residential. Completed 2009
Sharrow Point, Cemetery Road, Sheffield. Mixed Use. Completed 2010
Shoreham Street, Sheffield. Office/restaurant. Completed 2012

Key Facts

United Kingdom
Education Residential

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