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Monday 20 Feb 2012

Maciej Jakub Zawadzki presents his Miami Pier Museum of Latin American Immigrants and Warsaw Hybrid Centre

Miami Pier Museum of Latin American Immigrants

The building aspires to become a horizontal monument to all the immigrants who arrived on these shores in the past and a symbol emphasising the dynamic multicultural image of this city nowadays. It is situated directly on the coastline of the South Beach in Miami FL, USA on the axis of one of the main streets in the city.

Built to symbolize the turbulent trials of immigration and the furies of the sea that brought the immigrants to Florida, the building is symbolic and artful in its reflection of the struggles of Miami's immigrants. The exterior's twists symbolize the complicated emotions involved with leaving a motherland and coming to a land of opportunity. Simultaneously, the building's interior features twisting elevations, reminding visitors of the effort needed and hills that are climbed in the immigration process. The functional arrangement of the interior of the building makes references to the experience and feelings that accompanied the Latin American Immigrants during their dramatic journey. Visitors get to know their history not only through displays and showcases, but mainly by the feeling of the space.

The building  honours and mimics the sea that brought immigrants from Latin America and the extreme weather that affects it, naming the hurricanes that appear in cycles in this region a major inspiration for the museum. The building itself resembles a giant wave generating a dynamic character which emphasises its importance in the area. It is positioned on a pier over the ocean to resist to the very force it resembles: construction materials that are resistant to high winds and water were chosen, and the aerodynamic design seeks to protect the museum and its content from South Florida's extreme weather.

With the high average temperatures throughout the whole year, another important issue is overheating. The location features frequent sea breezes and sea water that are used to cool down the outer shell and internal spaces.

Warsaw Hybrid Centre

The south of Warsaw is a chaotical neighbourhood with different architecture styles, varying building heights and a big amount of green areas that spread between them without any clearly defined shape and order.

At some point it stopped being a dormitory and more people started to settle there for good. A necessity for a new city centre with office spaces and retail areas appeared. The proposed form of the design would organize all these factors. 

Most of the space of the existing site is taken by a shopping mall and its adjacent big parking areas. These retail functions mostly have not appealing facades (which serve as big spaces to sell the products) and big flat unused roof areas. In this case they would serve as a base for the whole complex and their potential would be used to the maximum.

By extending the forest that lies next to the site on the rooftop of this retail block and creating paths connecting the surrounding streets, a new public park would be created.

The office spaces would be spread around this green development in blocks with different heights which would depend on the next surrounding neighbourhood. This would create a connection with the old housings and make the whole district more consistent and compact. 

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