Crossing the boundaries

Monday 20 Feb 2012

osa/KHBT use a unique design approach to push the boundaries of common practice in architecture.

osa/KHBT was set up as a London and Berlin based studio in 2009 by the osa-partners Karsten Huneck and Bernd Truempler.

osa is a platform for spatial experimentation in the context of architecture, city and society. The collective currently numbers eight partners, based in five different cities and three different countries in Europe.

osa/KHBT projects cross the boundaries between art and architecture, varying from minimal, temporary installations to the construction of buildings. Over the last years osa/KHBT has consistently created spatial works which have local and international significance by using a unique design approach to push the boundaries of common practice in architecture.

In 2009 osa/KHBT gained the first ever ‘special commendation' of the prestigious YAYA (Young Architect of the Year Award) and most recently the special award of AJ's small project competition 2012 for the homage to Kurt Schwitters Merz collage technique at the CUBE Gallery in Manchester. The prize was presented by AJ editor Christine Murray with the comment: "... for its forward-thinking and re-use of materials"

Previous quotes describe the practice design philosophy:

Sarah Ichioka, Director Architecture Foundation and Jury Chair at YAYA Award 2009: ‘‘We were impressed by KHBT‘s art-based projects and thought that, with their background in both joinery and large-scale international practice, they showed the potential to inject magic and play into mainstream architecture.''

Alexandra Stara in Curating Architecture and the City (Routledge 2009, edited by Sarah Chaplin and Alexandra Stara): ... ‘‘osa they look for the hidden intrigue of each site, of what its occupants may think or hope or fear, and work to bring it to the fore, to visualise and embody it. In that sense, they are setting up journeys in the liminal space between our inner world of dreams and memories, and the everyday inhabitable place we share with others, which shapes our dreams and, in turn, can be shaped by them. Choosing, as they do, to operate 'in between' so many levels, one should not attempt to pin osa down to a signature style, project or tagline. What they do is an ongoing process, which follows and mirrors the life of the city..."

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