Pocket parks take hospital competition

Friday 10 Feb 2012

Atelier Thomas Pucher wins competition for the extension of Salzburg Regional Hospital

ATELIER THOMAS PUCHER has won the international competition for Salzburg Regional Hospital in Austria. With a gross floor area of 89,000 sq m the new Salzburg Regional Hospital will be an oasis of recovery in the city, blending functionality with flexibility. The design combines a ‘double-comb’ structure that accommodates treatment and examination rooms with a cross-shaped area dedicated for the ward and nursery departments. This distribution is completed by a final slab that will host the laboratory and that integrates seamlessly the whole building.

The building complex is delimitated towards the train lines by the slabs of the laboratory and the parking garage. These three elements merge into a very functional and yet peaceful structure that integrates perfectly into the surroundings. The key concept of the general design of the building was to guarantee optimal performance, assuring minimum distances between functions and offering a clear overview of the structure and organisation of the building. At the same time, it was also necessary to response to the requirements of the plot and its surroundings, and to the extreme complexity of a phased implementation.

One of the main ideas was to integrate open green spaces throughout the building that would provide both natural light and a touch of nature. These ‘pocket parks’, designed with different sizes and textures, offer a place for quiet contemplation and relaxation for staff, patients and families. These green areas also are known to have therapeutic qualities, by boosting rehabilitation and the wellbeing of its users. The planning of extension of the Salzburg Regional Hospital has already started and the first phase of the project is due to be completed in the first quarter of 2015.

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