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Thursday 26 Jan 2012

Fluid form weaves around mature plane trees at first BSF CABE 'Excellent' School

Stockwell Park High School in the London Borough of Lambeth was the first BSF school to receive a CABE ‘Excellent’ rating. Designed by Sheppard Robson to accommodate up to 1,315 pupils, the 12,000 sq m school replaced existing 1950s buildings.

The fluid form weaves around colossal existing mature plane trees, maximising the open space available on this inner city site, where the majority of pupils live in high and medium rise council blocks. The school is simply organised as a journey, based on year by year progression physically through the building.

A sequence of year-group bases advance along the central spine; from Year 7 at the 'nurturing' heart of the site through to the Sixth Form located at the Clapham Road frontage. Full height glazing to the circulation spine and central breakout spaces provides wide views back to the expansive landscaped spaces.

Sheppard Robson worked closely with the school to develop the strong existing community ties and business links: the Business and Enterprise Unit is located at the 'front door' of the school, and performing arts facilities, including the assembly hall, music and drama departments, the dining hall and sports centre, provide further community amenity.

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