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Thursday 12 Jan 2012

30-storey prefab tower constructed in 15 days

On the 18th January China’s latest impressive structure will open for business. This is no ‘iconic’ or ‘landmark’ tower, glistening commercial building or tallest spire. What sets this structure apart is its breakneck construction speed - the entire 30-storey building was erected in just 15 days.

The T30 Hotel is the latest project of Zhang Yue of the Broad Group - a Chinese construction company specialising in sustainable building design - and features quadruple-glazed windows and 15cm-thick glass curtain wall insulation. The prefabricated tower has been designed to be highly sustainable both in construction and day-to-day running, with a heat recovery system and energy-saving lights throughout.

Zhang explains: “We need to speed up our environmental thinking. We need buildings like this all over China. In 2013 we will build 20 buildings a month and by 2014, we’ll be up to 50 buildings. China is 20-40 times more polluted than Europe and that’s hurting our health and will offset economic benefits of our growth.”

Built by 200 construction workers in just 360 hours, the 17,000 sq m hotel has been tested by the China Academy of Building Research and can resist a magnitude nine earthquake. A six minute time lapse video of the building’s staggering construction speed has amassed over two million hits on YouTube and spawned countless blog posts, and Twitter is abuzz with links to the film. Watch the incredible video below.

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