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Wednesday 11 Jan 2012

First phase of stunningly intricate 2012 Hotel de Glace completes in Quebec

Each year, the only hotel of its kind in America changes state - from ice to water! Hotel de Glace is the only ice and snow hotel in America and each year it melts and is painstakingly rebuilt by a dedicated team of designers and construction professionals. The first phase of the 2012 hotel has now been completed and all three phases are due to complete by 20th January 2012.

Building work began back in early December when temperatures in the region dropped below zero degrees for sufficient time for the building materials to reach optimum consistency for construction. Like any other hotel, the Hotel de Glace offers a variety of bedrooms, a stunning bar and all other necessary amenities yet its fleeting annual appearance on the hospitality scene and alternative architecture has driven visitor numbers through the roof.

The 2012 hotel has been formed with 500 tonnes of ice and 15,000 tonnes of snow, and can offer accommodation to a modest total of 88 people per night. Over the years, the venue has become popular for weddings and theme events and as such, a range of majestic suites and functions spaces have been carved out to create the most breath-taking backdrop to any special occasion.

Thirty construction professionals ploughed on through the nights to reach the tight completition deadline before handing over to a fifteen-strong team of artists who expertly carved the basic framwork into the intricately decorated form we see today. An ice bar (capacity 40) boasts numerous crystalline pillars and suspended fireplaces while a humble chapel is decorated with individually chiselled ice bricks and animal skins. In more private areas, the themed suites are host to beautifully delicate carvings depicting sporting scenes or jazz musicians.

All this will remain in place until 25th March 2012 when the heat gets too much and the Hotel de Glace will close its doors on another year. If you're in the area and fancy a trip to this inspirational hotel, visit www.hoteldeglace-canada.com

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